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The cutest runner-up to the ICEbOX WIDE!

This little cutie still holds it’s own in storage space. It’s the perfect selection for those who prefer a smaller organizer. It is great for a mix of makeup and skincare products and great for tweens too! Many parents prefer the SHORTY collection as starters for their young teens and tweens. They can add a variety of starter products such as makeup, skincare, and feminine products while creating a beautiful presentation. It’s a great way to ween them into caring for their beauty and having fun organizing and displaying at the same time! It is also great for skin care lines, spa essentials, jewelry and makeup. You’d be surprised at how much it can store!

Most customers prefer all drawers filled and there will be two empty drawers in which you can purchase extra inserts for. Extra inserts add much more utility and versatility to drawer space. Don’t forget to add a Novus Kit to properly care for the acrylic’s high gloss!

*Stay away from common household cleaners such as Windex which may strip the luster and cause crazing which are hairline cracks in the acrylic. Novus is the only brand we trust to preserve the beauty of the ICEbOX and remove scuffs*

Recommended accessories to add for the full set:

  • 1 grid wide
  • 5 slides
  • 1 Novus
  • 1-2 LIPPIEbOX
  • 1-3 Palette Stands (3 fits in the lid area)

5 tier – 4 drawers

Size: 15Lx12Wx10″H

Lid 2″H, Drawer 2″H

Comes with 3 free inserts: X divider in the lid, 1 grid set, 1 slide set


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